​Best black and white photo editor for Mac

Photo editors are of extreme importance to every eye now a day. They are known to enhance the outcome of a picture; they are given a touch in. But the picture may be colored or traditional black and white. We mostly find photo editors for colored images in our Android app stores and Mac stores too. But the point to ponder here is that we must have an efficient image editor for black and white images too. Tonality is found to be the best ever image editor used merely for editing black and white images. It has many features that keep it apart from other photo editors.

Tonality is the most effective black and white photo editor which is available in two types. In Mac app store tonality is available as a standalone application. Whereby tonality CK is software used merely by Macphun's as a part of their creative photo editing kit. Tonality CK is used as a plugin for Adobe Photoshop, and the combination of Tonality with Photoshop serves the best for editing black and white images.

Now you may be thinking why would anyone need editing a black and white photo? People have old photos and memories they want to relive, and this makes them feel the need to make the black and white photos worth seeing and a Photoshop touch brings life to an ordinary photo. This makes image editing very useful.

There are many extraordinary features of tonality that you may not know, and they are worth knowing. Some of them which are focused more are described below:

Technical features

  • It has more intense focusing capability.
  • It transforms its focusing objects as required.
  • It gives a natural touch that enhances the images more rather than giving un-natural color to images.
  • It adds a natural touch to image even focusing on the reflecting color of the pictures.
  • It lets you signify something you need to concentrate on the image by making it more sharp and visible.
  • It lessens the blurriness of a picture by making it clear and sharp.
  • If you need to autofocus an object, tonality also provides this feature for the ease of users.
  • Users can add different enhancing frames to images that are entirely about the pictures.
  • Tonality provides user to create image buckets at a very small cost as compared to other image buckets packages.
  • You can create custom profiles for different categories of pictures as much as you want.

Expertise Features

  • It gives you the ability to import and export custom pre-sets.
  • It provides many realistic photoshop features that enable anyone to create images like expertise do.
  • The most unique and globally acceptable collections of frames for all types of photography are provided in tonality.
  • Portrait look, dramatic look, and toning functionalities are a part of it which makes its package most efficient.
  • Users are provided with the capability to create customized image galleries.
  • The software being used to handle the application is itself a photoshop plugin which enhances the look of the pictures.
  • It is provided with different kinds of films emulation to support some types of films.
  • The most desirable of its features include realistic grain, lens blur, an adjustable vignette which add a natural touch to the picture.

Controlling features

  • It provides controls for image structure, clarity and details which are necessary for the image to look more fascinating.
  • The unique tools of it contain adaptive exposure, smart contrast and much more to do, and this makes your picture gallery lively.
  • Selective coloring and split toning allow users to add more description to an image.
  • Tonality id featured with histogram view.
  • It is a gradient tool, which provides all shades that could be used freely according to the user requirements.
  • It provides adjustable cropping capability of images of all types. Mostly user wants to crop them out or into a picture, and it has become possible now.
  • Tonality provides a complete set of essential editing tools.
  • This tool is capable of batch processing.
  • Tonality is provided with the proprietary glow engine.
  • Texture overlays and image borders.
  • Users are capable of controlling the intensity of light used while capturing the image.
  • You can add different casters to the images to add more life to them.
  • A colored image can also be rendered black and white using it.

Extraordinary features

  1. It provides a user with the capability of custom texture import. It allows you to pick any frame you want to use in your picture either they are available in templates, or you have searched it somewhere. Also along with the frames, it provides custom background options that provide users with the more appropriate and unbound customizing facilities.
  2. It supports fully-featured layers with blending modes. Blending modes enable the original features of tonality to get easily mixed with the image in which they are being used.
  3. Custom brushes are available for localized masking and adjustments. Mostly face features are not enhanced to a level where they can be seen clearly with a glare in them. This application makes that possible, and the photo looks like it has been taken by an experienced professional photographer and editor.
  4. Its luminosity masking technique for quickly adjusting complex images is worth using. It enables the user to adjust the luminosity of picture as required and keeps the natural brightness of the picture.
  5. This App full compatibility with the latest versions of Mac OS makes it perfect to be used by anyone and anywhere.
  6. This application is built-in social sharing.
  7. You can export this application to other Creative Kit applications.

The above features are enough to describe the remarkable black and white photo editing application. It's a must to try this application at least once, and you will never regret doing it.