Best Photo Background Editor for Mac

Media is a big part of our modern lives and photographs are the component of media which we consume the most. To make the best of our memories captured in pictures, sometimes it becomes necessary to play with them and change certain things about them which we don’t like. One of these things is the ability to manipulate the pictures to change or remove their background. This may be required for a wide number of reasons including enhancing the subject in the picture or removing undesirable items in the background. Even though the reason can be anyone from a large number of options but the final results required are often very similar.

Best Tools

All software are essentially tools which are used to achieve some particular aim or end result. A large number of options exist but there are very few which are versatile enough to handle the task in the best possible manner. The range of photo editing options available for Mac may not be as wide as the ones which are available for Windows but almost all the options available on Mac are high-quality products. An analysis of a large number of different photo editing software for Mac has prompted many experts in the field of photo editing to share their opinions with the world but the large majority of the people in the world of photography and editing agrees that perhaps the best background editor for Mac is Snapheal by Macphun.

Why Snapheal?

Macphun is a highly respected name in the world of imaging, their Snapheal is basically designed to easily remove unwanted objects from our photos. Snapheal may be short on some of the advanced features available in its bigger brothers which are designed for achieving multiple purposes but Snapheal makes no compromises on the quality of the results it delivers. It has some of the best features in its segment while it is also an extremely easy to use the product. Most professionals give it a score of 10 out of 10 in its ease of use. As far as removing the background is concerned, it has an automated process for that which makes it a fairly simple process.

Other Great Things

Apart from the ease which it offers in the removal of the background, there are many other great features of Snapheal by Macphun which make it a truly great product. It has one of the best proprietary object removal technology in the industry. There are three erasing modes in the software so you can select the best one to suit your needs but given the level of polish and detail which has been added to this, you can’t go wrong with anyone. Snapheal has a great feature which makes the erasing a very precise act so you don’t accidently remove something you want to keep. There is a very powerful tool which allows you to make copies of the areas from the image you want and paste them at a place of your choice, it is called the Clone & Stamp tool.

The strength of the Snapheal software lies in the fact that it has a functionality which allows the removal of any part of the picture instead of just the background which opens a wide range of possibilities to play with the picture. There is also a color management system which allows the editor to have great control over the colors in the image and the tone. This includes some of the essential editing tools which increase the functionality of Snapheal from more than just an image healing or image background editor. These editing tools allow you to easily transform your image by cropping or rotating it and adjusting the finer details of the image such as the tint, saturation, color temperature, clarity, sharpness and others.

Snapheal has a proprietary technology by the name of CleanPics and what CleanPics does is that it can heal any part of your image without needing much effort from you. You can very easily remove any imperfections in the picture with just a few clicks, it even makes it possible to restore old images in just a single click.


Although Snapheal by Macphun is the best editing software for simple image editing tasks but it is not the only option available especially if the kind of editing you need is just the removal or the editing of the picture’s background. There is a large number of alternatives available to choose from, many of which offer much more than just simple editing of the pictures.

The alternatives to Snapheal by Macphun include the likes of FX Photo Studio, Aurora HDR, Pixelmator, Acorn, Corel AfterShot Pro, ACDSee Mac Pro and some others as well. All of these are highly advanced software which offer some great functionality for example FX Photo Studio has very simple cropping and rotation functionality while Aurora HDR is the leader in the industry when it comes to improving the quality of the images by changing many of their features including the colors, brightness, temperature, tonality, exposure, saturation etc.

Online Options

Even though doing some serious editing online can be a slow process as the processing power and internet speeds can be a bottleneck but editing the background is not really a resource intensive process and can be done on average internet speeds. There are many online options for the editing of the photo background and one of the simplest and most effective websites for carrying out these simple tasks is which can instantly remove the background from nearly any image you give it along with some other basic editing services. You shouldn’t expect any high-quality results from online services but if removing the background urgently is what you need then you should give this site a try.

Best Background Pictures

One important step in the editing of pictures is to find suitable alternative backgrounds and even though the internet is full of pictures, there are very few places which provide high-quality images for free. In this case, provides some of the best background images for photo editing at no cost.